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My Cash was formed to fill your short-term cash needs, a market not served by traditional financial institutions. With the advent of the Internet and other emerging technology, My Cash is the perfect model to combine expediency with convenience.

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Now you can get your money fast and easy, just when you need it the most. At My Cash, we will treat you with courtesy and respect during your occasional short-term cash needs.

Customer Support

Our Customer Support staff is ready to take your calls, answer your questions and guide you through the payday loan process.

You can be assured My Cash will provide you with honest and forthright services and the Fast customer support in the industry.

As a licensed and regulated lender, we will operate within the parameters of the Fast Practices of the Community Financial Services Association of America.

Online Short Term Cash Advance

My Cash is your online solution for your short term cash needs. If you're in need of cash for an unexpected expense, vacation or any reason, we are here to help.


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